Clean It First!

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If you attempt to repair a bus seat with tape before thoroughly cleaning the surface, your repair is much less likely to hold up.

Dirt, skin oil, sweat and other contaminants on vinyl or leather seats will weaken the ability of tape adhesive to hold and will also impact how the tape bonds to the seat.

Since almost all seat repairs are intended for long term service, it is worthwhile to spend a little time cleaning first.

If this is the first repair on the seat, cleaning with a strong soap and warm water will normally suffice, as long as you make sure the seat is completely dry before applying the tape.

If you are retaping a seat that has been repaired before, you need to insure that all of the adhesive residue from the old tape is removed before retaping.

A commercial adhesive remover is best for this task, as it can completely remove old adhesive with a minimum of effort on your part. Again, make sure that the seat you are repairing is completely dry before proceeding.

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