“Leather & Vinyl Repair Tape”? That’s Gaffers Tape

Five rolls of bus seat repair tape

A lot of people have never heard of gaffers tape, and, if they have, they primarily know it is a product used in the audio visual production and theatre industries.

If you manage a fleet of buses, you may have no idea what gaffers tape is, even if you use it for seat repair.

In bus maintenance, gaffers tape may be known as Leather & Vinyl Repair Tape.

That’s just another name for gaffers tape and it may mean that you’ll pay a premium price for it. We’ve seen it sold for as much as eleven times as much as the identical product when it is properly labeled, rather than rebranded.

If you have ripped or torn bus seats to fix, start by searching for “gaffers tape”, not Leather & Vinyl Repair Tape. You’ll save big!

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